Social Signals and SEO

Social Signals and SEO

Do social signals help your SEO (search engine optimization)?  This is one of the most divisive questions in online marketing today.  Social signals are “shares”, “likes”, comments, retweets, +1’s etc. … Continue Reading →

Content Marketing-DigitalMed Blog Post

Content Marketing: Your Rx for Better SEO

Content marketing has many definitions but is essentially the creation of relevant, valuable content which has the sole purpose of promoting a service, an idea or a business through marketing … Continue Reading →

Social Media Post Ideas-DigitalMed Blog

Social Media Post Ideas

In previous blogs, we’ve established the benefits of having a strong social media presence in private practice medicine.  Just like your website, these social media platforms require fresh relevant content.  … Continue Reading →

Twitter Logo-DigitalMed Blog

To Tweet or Not To Tweet: THAT is the (Twitter) Question

Twitter is one of DigitalMed’s top four social media platforms.  Why?  In a word:  reach.  Twitter has 255 million active users who collectively send 500 million tweets each and every … Continue Reading →

YouTube_DigitalMed Blog Post

The Top 5 Reasons You Need a YouTube Channel

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.  You can say as much or more with a one and a half minute video as … Continue Reading →

Weakest Link

Medical Staffing: You’re only as Strong as Your Weakest Link

You may have the best credentials a physician could have. You may also have a terrific marketing campaign, an impressive website and a strong social media presence.  Great!  That will … Continue Reading →

Ice Bucket

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: 100 Million Reasons to Use Social Media

The Ice Bucket Challenge, the summer’s social media phenomenon, generated $100 million in donations, to fund ALS research, in just one month.  This is a 3,500% increase from the $2.8 … Continue Reading →

The 4 Major Advantages of Social Media vs Traditional Advertising_DigitalMed Blog Post

The 3 Major Advantages of Social Media vs. Traditional Print Advertising

Social media has become a must for private practice medicine. It enables doctors to brand themselves, get exposure for their services and reach a more targeted audience than traditional print … Continue Reading →

doctor handshaking with young patient

Calling All Doctors: Take Control of Your Online Reputation Now!

Why let others define your online reputation when you can create it yourself?!  I can feel you sitting back in your chair with your eyebrows raised because you think I’m … Continue Reading →

Basic Blog Writing Tips for Better SEO

Basic Blog Writing Tips for Better SEO

Blog writing for business, more specifically with the objective of improving search engine optimization (SEO), is a whole different animal.  Before you get started, make sure your blog is on … Continue Reading →